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Air Malta: Malta, the Island in the heart of the Mediterranean

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Air Malta

Malta, the Island in the heart of the Mediterranean

With over 7,000 years of history, Malta is the ultimate holiday destination for any history buff! Home to some of the oldest free-standing temples in the World, the Islands have also played host to the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Knights of St. John, Napoleon and the British Empire. A jaunt to its phenomenal fortifications, and an open-mouthed-gape at its truly awe-inspiring architecture is a must. No trip to Malta is complete without going on a journey through time, from the prehistoric times to modern day.

Air Malta will get you there.

Air Malta is the national carrier of the Maltese Islands, it is primarily a point-to-point airline, transporting mainly leisure-based customers to the Maltese Islands with approximately 273 weekly flights connecting Malta to 23 destinations within Europe's major cities.

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