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SATA Azores 80 years together

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SATA Azores 80 years together
In an anniversary month and in a tribute to the founders of the SATA group business project, it was worth stopping for a moment and looking back.
That's what we are doing, gathering and sharing several unique stories, which cover eighty years of life, and which will be displayed throughout the anniversary year.
These are soothing and happy stories about the small complicities that grew over the years among those who passed through here and who flew with us. Therefore, and as our business partners, we would like you to share with us stories that have touched you as travel agents, or even as customers, and send us through the email until the end of August.
Our goal is to bring to you a little of SATA group’s essence, its values, and its character, which you are also part.

But before that, we would like to address a special message to all those who have accompanied us for so many years and to those who continue to fly with us.
This message is for you too! #80yearstogether, click here to read more.

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