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SATA Azores Airlines - Commission reminder and procedure update

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Dear Travel Agent, 

Please be advised of the following information: 
Commission Reminder 
This is a reminder that SATA Azores Airlines offers 4% commission on published fares effective February 1, 2021. 
Important Booking Procedure
Considering the sharing of responsibilities in providing the best possible service, most efficiently and authentically for the passenger, we alert you to the procedures below.
According to the established rules and standards, all bookings made by you and before departure are your responsibility to act. As such, all requests sent directly to us by passengers, except for urgent situations (within 24 hours, or 2 days before if the trip takes place at the weekend) and outside the agency's working hours, will only be accepted for action by SATA after tickets have been issued and if there is permission from you in the booking, through SSR or OSI, with the respective authorization. 
New Carbon Tax
The Carbon Tax on Air and Sea Travel came into force, July 1, approved by the State Budget Law for 2021 and created by Ministerial Order no. 38/2021, of February 16.
As the most relevant notes, we draw your attention to the following:
a. Entry into effect and territorial incidence 
  • The new carbon tax on air travel applies to the sale of airline tickets transacted as of July 1, when these relate to flights which: 
  • Depart from an airport or airdrome located in mainland Portugal to any destination other than an airport or airdrome in the Autonomous Regions of Madeira or the Azores.
  • Depart from an airport or airdrome located in the Autonomous Regions of Madeira or Azores, not bound for the national territory.
  • Are not performed under Public Service Obligations.
b. Value of the tax 
  • The tax has a fixed value of €2 (two euros) for each carried passenger and is charged when the ticket is issued by the air carrier. 
  • The tax is designated as Carbon tax and will appear in the fees field, with the initials J9.
c. Additional information 
  • On non-refundable fares, the carbon tax is non-refundable.
  • In case of air ticket changes, it is not required to charge the passenger a new carbon tax, regardless of the number of changes made, as long as the route does not require it.
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Thank you for your attention and cooperation.