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Condor Summer Timetable 2022

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Condor Summer Timetable 2022

Summer flight schedule 2022 bookable: As of now, the long-haul destinations in Condor's flight schedule for summer 2022 can be booked. From Frankfurt, there are 26 long-haul destinations. In addition to major American cities such as Seattle and Las Vegas, the flight schedule includes six other U.S. destinations and five in neighboring Canada. But the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and Africa are also returning to the flight schedule. Journeys with Condor are bookable with all German organizers, flight tickets starting from 299,99 EUR as usual under, in the travel agency and by phone.

With the publication of the long-haul destinations, Condor is releasing a large part of the 2022 summer flight schedule from Frankfurt for immediate booking. Further long-haul destinations as well as departure airports in Germany are under review.

Overview of Condor long-haul flights from Frankfurt, bookable now:

Anchorage (USA): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Baltimore/Washington (USA): Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Fairbanks (USA): Thursday

Las Vegas (USA): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Minneapolis (USA): Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Phoenix (USA): Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Portland (USA): Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Seattle (USA): daily

Calgary (Canada): Tuesday, Friday

Halifax (Canada): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Toronto (Canada): Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Whitehorse (Canada): Sunday

Vancouver (Canada): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Cancun (Mexico): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Havana (Cuba): Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Varadero (Cuba): Tuesday, Friday

Holguin (Cuba): Sunday

Montego Bay (Jamaica): Wednesday, Sunday

Puerto Plata (Dom. Republic): Friday, Sunday

Punta Cana (Dom. Republic): Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Santo Domingo (Dom. Republic): Friday, Sunday

San Juan (Puerto Rico): Saturday

Mauritius (Indian Ocean): Wednesday, Sunday

Mombasa (Kenya): Wednesday, Sunday

Zanzibar (Tanzania): Wednesday, Sunday

Windhoek (Namibia): Monday, Thursday

The 2022 summer schedule will be in effect from May 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022.