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Expedia TAAP is working hard to improve support center service

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We know getting the support you need when you need it is really important for you to better serve travelers and we are aware that hold times have been longer than usual. We are sorry for this and we are working to make sure this improves so we can help you help travelers quicker.

Did you know that you don't need to speak to us for all your enquiries? We worked with agents to build different support channels so you can choose the right one to suit you:
  • Self-service booking management - you can amend and cancel bookings yourself without calling us on the phone.
  • The Virtual Agent - can help answer your questions while you’re in the booking tool such as confirming the booking status or even help you to amend a booking.
  • Our online TAAP Academy - is full of quick 'how to guides' and short training videos to show you how you can self serve and manage bookings in just a few clicks.

But if you need to speak to someone about an urgent issue or if the travel date is within 72 hours, contact our Global 24/7 support center.

We really care about your success so we are doing all we can to improve call waiting times and hope to have the issue resolved in the coming weeks.