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Expedia TAAP: We offer more than just hotels

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Expedia TAAP: We offer more than just hotels
When travelers want a home away from home  

When the travelers you serve want more than a hotel or to simply "work from a holiday home", don't forget to search Expedia TAAP first.

Find the perfect, stress-free home away from home and offer increased living space, a lower nightly rate and more facilities than a hotel. From beachside bungalows to mountain mansions, hilltop homes to palatial penthouses, we’ve got you covered.

Search on Expedia TAAP

It's super easy to find the perfect vacation rental with our powerful search features and intuitive filters helping you tailor each search.

So, the next time you are asked for a pet friendly, 4.5+ star rated vacation rental with enhanced cleanliness features and a sea view, don't sweat it, search with Expedia TAAP

Why book vacation rentals with Expedia TAAP?

  • Choose from over 1 million vacation rentals
  • Sort by property tier to show those with the greatest earning potential 
  • Quickly sort results to find only available vacation rentals
  • Tailor results with more than 30 search filters
  • Offer different payment types including free cancellation, reserve now pay later or even pay a property. 
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