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LOT Polish Airlines Important Update

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Dear Travel Partner,

Please be informed of the following LOT's flight cancellations:
  • YYZ flights: YYZ-WAW on 08Feb,15Feb, 22Feb, 01Mar, 02Mar and WAW-YYZ on 07Feb, 14Feb, 21Feb, 28Feb, 01Mar
  • PRG flights: WAW-PRG and PRG-WAW on 25Jan, 01Feb, 05Feb
  • OSR-PRG flights: OSR-PRG and PRG-OSR on 27Jan, 03Feb
As a reminder, an updated version of LOT's Covid Policy v4.22 is available on our trade website at

Thank you for your cooperation!

​Questions? Call LOT Sales Support at 855.735.5568
or email