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​More Flexibility with Revised Ticket Change Policy

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Dear Trade Partner,

Now you can offer your clients more flexibility with LOT's new rebooking policy:

- Free of Charge changes for all fares on any LOT flights sold between 10SEP20 - 31DEC20

- Passenger does not pay any fees except for a possible price difference, if the original fare is not available on the new date.

- There is no limitation to the number of changes and new travel dates within the published timetable and ticket validity date

- Change to direction of travel permitted however manual ticket exchange is obligatory 

- The above change policy can be found under the Tariff GENERAL RULE which takes precedence over the current Tariff Conditions for Changes, displayed first.


The current LOT Global Policy procedure also remains in force.


LOT Polish Airlines reserves the right to change or cancel the above information at any time     


Questions? Call LOT Sales Support at 855.735.5568 or email